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February 3rd, 2008

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11:59 pm - Chaos Wrought - Keyblade War (Rping Board)
Chaos Wrought - Keyblade Wars...

It's been a year since Sora returned to his home with Riku and Kairi. A year sense Sora has been seen...

The letter given to Sora by Kiari's hand was fake, supposedly written by King Mickey, the Keyblade's chosen one is missing. Organization XIII seems have returned, though all of them have not yet re-awakened. They are formulating plans to remake Kingdom Hearts and get back what which they desire most. Their hearts. Roxas and Naminé return though no longer complete with their somebodies. Though neither has anyone seen Roxas sense Sora's dissaperance. New KeyBladers are surfacing, many using these powers for chaos not of light.

The Final Fantasy Worlds of 7, 8, 10 and 12 have been rediscovered, and reopened. Many other worlds that were believed lost or destroyed seem to be re-appearing as well....

Taken Characters









Needed Characters




Org XIII Members

Final Fantasy Characters

Board Information

In this RP we expect consistent posting. So Be Active! This isn’t really a fighting based RP. Canons are wanted foremost but made ups are welcome. Please read all the rules and forum information at the board before posting a profile. Yaoi, Yuri and Het are all supported to a Pg-13 level. Please correspond to Proboards rules.

This Role Playing Board is for Intermediate to Advanced role players. Please only join if you are literate in role playing or willing to set yourself to the standards their In.

For More Information and The Forum It Self:

Chaos Wrought
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